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Lactic Acid Bacteria

The purpose of using selected lactic acid bacteria is to improve control of malolactic fermentation, which reduces volatile acidity levels, prevents biogenic amine production, and retains varietal aromas. Using selected cultures makes achieving these goals easier than by relying only on the bacteria in the native microbiota.

Warm climate and new winemaking technologies render malolactic fermentation control increasingly difficult, as it must take place in wines with high alcohol concentration and/or high polyphenol content. Viniferm OE is a Oenococcus oeni bacteria culture specifically prepared to work in such conditions. These bacteria strains are naturally selected from wine-making regions in the Mediterranean region, which are perfectly adapted to our wine-making environment. Viniferm OE is provided in three forms: Viniferm OE 322 and Viniferm OE ACID, which favors malolactic fermentation with low pH and Viniferm OE 104, which is adapted to wines with high polyphenol content.

The properties of the various bacteria are listed in the table below. Click on each item for more information:


   Reference Wine type Dosage for Temperature range Ethanol resistance
(% vol)
pH resistance
Viniferm OE 104 50 HL
100 HL
225 HL
20-25 <16 >3,6
Viniferm OE 322 50 HL
100 HL
225 HL
18-22 <14 >3,4
Viniferm OE ACID 2´5 HL
25 HL
250 HL
18-22 <14 >3,0