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Yeasts for White Wines

The use of yeasts, the microorganisms that are responsible for the transformation of must into wine, enhances varietal, aromatic or even regional characteristics of both varieties and types of winemaking, and also minimizes the risk of faulty fermentation. Agrovin offers a wide variety of strains that have been selected for their fermentation performance and characteristics, according to the wine types to be produced, the desired aroma and taste profiles, as well as for other factors such as working temperature range, nitrogen requirements, influence on colour, and alcohol production.

In the last few years, Agrovin has committed efforts to selecting indigenous yeasts, adapted to the winemaking environment in our region. The company works with several world-renowned research centres in the field of wine microbiology: the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM, a Madrid-based engineering university); the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC, Spanish High Council of Scientific Research), and the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI):

The properties of each yeast strain are listed in the table below. Click on each item for more information.


   Yeast Wine type Temperature range Alcohol production Aromatic profile Ethanol resistance
VINIFERM REVELACION 13-25 average varietal 14
VINIFERM PASIÓN 14-25 average esters 14
VINIFERM FLORA 18-25 average esters 14
VINIFERM AURA 12-30 high esters 16
VINIFERM DIANA 14-25 average varietal 14
VINIFERM SV 14-25 low varietal 14
VINIFERM 911 14-25 average varietal 14
VINIFERM ELEGANCIA 12-25 average varietal 15
VINIFERM PDM 12-25 high neutral 16
VINIFERM BY 10-25 high neutral 17
VINIFERM START 14-30 low neutral 17