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Chemical Products

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Structure-building compound for colour stabilisation
Hydrogen chloride  
(E-507) HCI
Phosphoric acid  
(E-338) H3PO4
Sulfuric acid  
(E-513) H2SO4
Anti-foaming agent 521-A  
Prevents foam from forming
(E-951) Sweetener
Wheat starch  
Thickening agent
Sodium benzoate  
(E-211) NaC6H5CO2 Antiseptic
Caramel D5R  
(E-150d) Sugar caramel colour additive
Caramel M07  
(E-150d) Must caramel colour additive
Sodium cyclamate  
(E-952) C6H12NSO3Na Sweetener
Calcium chloride  
(E-509) CaCI2
EDTA Na2Ca 30%  
(E-385) Metal sequestering agent
Enocyanin 12  
Colouring agent
Potassium ferrocyanide  
(E-536) K4[Fe(CN)6]3H2O Removes iron from wine (restricted use)
Hydrogen peroxide  
H2O2 Hydrogen peroxide at 30% and 50% concentrations
Potassium hydroxide  
KOH (E-525)
Mono propylene glycol  
(E-1520) C3H8O2 Non toxic antifreeze
Sodium saccharin BP-93  
(E-954) Sweetener
Copper sulfate  
CuSO4Eliminates sulfur- and derivative off-odours. Algicide.