Enzyme preparation is a high-precision, multifaceted tool used to solve technical settling, pressing problems, and optimize grape aroma/color properties. The precise combination of various enzymatic activities optimizes the value and yield of wine and must. There are five types of enzyme preparations, classified according to their main activity:

Pectolytic enzymes: Enozym LUX, Enovin Clar, Enovin Pectinase, Enovin FL.

• Enzymes for aroma extraction: Enozym Extra Arome (release of varietal aromas) and Enovin Varietal (releases odorless forms of terpene and norisoprenoid precursors).

• Enzymes for color extraction: Enovin Color, Enovin CROM, and Enozym Vintage enhance structural stability in musts and wines due to balanced polyphenol extraction.

• Enzymes for releasing yeast polysaccharides or breaking glucans (from grapes with rot): Enovin GLUCAN.

• Enzymes for wine and must microbiological stability: Enovin LYSO

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