Fining Agents

Clarifiers, also known as Fining Agents, are highly specific compounds that remove undesirable elements from wine, including: oxidisable polyphenols, proteins, and other solid compounds. Fining Agents are selected according to the undesirable compounds winemakers need to remove.

Example 1: when an excessive amount of astringent polyphenolic compounds are detected in wine, adding the Fining Agent high-molecular-weight proteins (long-chain gelatines or egg albumin) is recommended. These agents react quickly with the undesired compounds, creating a softening effect to the finished wine with their removal.

Example 2: if wine suffers from pronounced protein instability, inorganic compounds should be added (i.e. bentonite or silica sol) to draw off the excess proteins and achieve the desired stability.

Complex Clarifiers can be used to combine various compounds needed to achieve the desired goal, saving time in the preparation process and making the removal process more effective. Complex Clarifiers are multifaceted as they can be added during harvest or to the finished wine.

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