AGROVIN Nutrients

Organic formulas: contain amino acids as the only source of assimilable nitrogen.

Compound formulas: are complex broad-spectrum nutrients featuring a balanced formula. They enable fermentation in harsh environments.

Inorganic formulas: provide only inorganic nitrogen, as ammonium salts.

Proper progress of alcoholic fermentation requires adequate biological conditions for yeast function. A critical requirement for the growth of yeast populations and for the full expression of the particular characteristics of each yeast strain is a proper balance between sugars and nitrogen compounds.

Yeast-assimilable nitrogen (YAN) is a measure of the nitrogen content in grapes and musts available for yeast function. YAN includes ammonium and assimilable amino acids (i.e. all amino acids except proline). Nutritional value of amino acids is much higher than ammonium (particularly arginine), thus playing a key role as nitrogen sources for yeast endurance at the end of the alcoholic fermentation. AGROVIN provides various nitrogen-rich nutrient formulas with high levels of assimilable nitrogen in the form of amino acids.

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