Stabilizers perform two primary functions: 1) inhibit the precipitation of tartaric salts and 2) stabilize color. Stabilizers are used in finished wines.

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  • Stabilizes colloids. Ideal for treatments combined with CMC (Estabicel)
  • Exceptionally enhances flavour perception before bottling
  • Stabilizes colourants. Protects bottled wines against instability
  • Enhances silky mouthfeel and preserves aroma
  • Increases tartaric stability and enhances silky mouthfeel
  • Cellulose gum (CMC) preparation in solid or liquid form used in tartaric stabilization of wines
  • (E-336I) Accelerates bitartrate stabilization and precipitation in wines
  • Improves tartaric stabilization and protects against oxidation.
  • (E-353) Acide métatartrique Inhibition de précipitations tartriques