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Access to a web site may involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small amounts of information that are stored on the browser used by the user, so that the server logs information which can be used in subsequent access. The stored information allows you to identify a particular user and have registered information about pages you visit, your preferences, etc. If you don’t want to allow the installation of cookies on your computer you must configure your browser to that effect.

This site uses cookies own and third parties, with the sole purpose of analyzing the navigation of users surfs the web, so that information is stored and can be identified in subsequent user visits. In this way, it allows us to analyze visits to our website.

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Third-party cookies:
Google Analytics
Analytical cookies: statistics of number of visits to pages, navigation times, browser types, statistics of redirects, navigation, search engines, sites, referrals, etc. Collect and unify in statistical reports on the traffic of each site, total audience, visits to specific pages, tracking of clicks on certain parts of the site, etc.


You can also consult the privacy policy of Google Analytics in

With the use of these files we do not intend to treat personal data of users, such as names or surnames, but that we get information related to number of page visits, number of users who visit us, frequency and recurrence of visits, time of visit, etc., in order to improve our website, detect new needs and provide a better service in the network.

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