10 Mar 2011

The VIII General Assembly marks the horizon of our commitment to society, continuous work to alleviate the impact of the crisis on the most vulnerable people, attending to the most difficult situations in order to cope with basic needs (food, supplies, housing , etc.) that are derived from unemployment, precarious work and situations of lack of social and health protection.

This opens a space for response and promotion of our capacities as an organization, with the commitment to comprehensive intervention in relation to child and family poverty, focusing on families in a situation of greater vulnerability and paying special attention to the consequences of poverty and deprivation in childhood (nutrition, school performance); the prevention of the intergenerational transmission of poverty, and employability in families with low or no intensity of employment in the home.
A renewed commitment that will allow us to drive attention to the worsening of social determinants, working to prevent its consequences on the physical and psychological health of the most vulnerable people and the impact of sustained precariousness over time.

A crucial element in our lines of intervention will be the deployment of a new Framework of Attention to People, facilitating improvements in the reception, diagnosis, intervention, monitoring and evaluation, homogenizing responses and providing the intervention with an integral character .It is our responsibility to take a proactive position in the processes of support for people in situations of social vulnerability and their intensity will be defined individually, involving the users in a shared commitment of action according to their needs, profile, level of autonomy and interests.

The intervention will be developed from the closest environment, reinforcing the actions of Local Proximity which will allow the Red Cross greater scope in its intervention, greater immediacy in the response, detection of needs that can be covered from other projects and greater social visibility.

A new period from the strength in our Principles and Values

Our commitment to society and management must be encouraged from a more flexible structure, which facilitates and encourages the active and relevant participation of the people who comprise it.
Cruz Roja will be a transparent organization with all its members and with society. We must strive to simplify the processes of management and quality and to improve our systems of evaluation of results so that they facilitate us the continuous improvement.
The capillarity and presence (Assemblies, Local Delegations, regional and insular, points of local activity or other forms of presence of the Institution), will be our starting point in our commitment from listening and response.An answer that is also internal and that will prioritize the consolidation of systematized and homogeneous work networks and planning and evaluation procedures adapted to the territorial scope, in order to improve the efficiency in management, guiding it to the continuous improvement of our action