07 Mar 2011

About us

The AFIM Foundation – Assistance, Training and Integration of the Disabled – is a private, non-profit foundation of pure charitable nature, dedicated to young people and the elderly and to the group of people with physical, intellectual, sensory and mental disabilities. It was classified as a charity charitable foundation AFIM by Order of the Ministry of Social Affairs dated 01/07/92 and is included in the Archive-Register of the Protectorate of the General Directorate of Social Action with the number 28/0907.

Who we are going to

The AFIM Foundation has been created to support the education of young and old and for assistance, assistance and integrated assistance to people with disabilities of all kinds – physical, intellectual, sensory and mental – in order to achieve its normalization, training labor and social integration.


The objectives of the work of the AFIM Foundation are:

FORM for free the young and old.

TRAIN people with disabilities in different areas, according to their specific characteristics, to facilitate their access to a job and achieve their labor integration.

Intermediate between companies and candidates for the placement of new PROFESSIONALS.

Organize and develop LEISURE and FREE TIME programs, as a way to reinforce the self-esteem and personal development of this group.

Offer a free ADVISORY SERVICE, both to the person with disability and their family members, about their rights or various doubts that may arise related to any aspect of their disability.

Inform and MENTALIZE the whole society of the existence of these groups, of their rights, so that they know that they are like any other person, that they can work, study and enjoy life.