In-house manufacturing

Since its inception, AGROVIN has focused on the manufacture of products to guarantee quality and competitiveness to our clients. Thus, we have developed manufacturing activities in both basic materials and specialty winemaking products.

AGROVIN has several plants for the formulation of both solid and liquid products, where various biotechnological preparations, food acids, stabilizers, clarifiers, filtration aids, etc. are manufactured, mainly directed to the oenological sector, as well as to other food industries.

Likewise, at the company’s sulfur dioxide packing plant, this substance is bottled in 30, 50, 100 and 1000-kg pressure vessels. These products are supplied along with a wide array of liquefied gas flow meters that ensure its safe and economical use. AGROVIN also owns a plant where it manufactures aqueous solutions of sulfur compounds (potassium hydrogen sulfite and ammonium hydrogen sulfite).