This type of machinery is only available in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. If you are not in Spain or Portugal, please contact your nearest AGROVIN Delegation.


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Filtering and fining

AGROVIN offers every type of filtering and fining system used in the wine-making industry — vacuum filters, plate filters, earth filters, filter presses, cross-flow filters, micro filters, clarification centrifuge separators, and must flotation systems.

Semi-automatic bottling

In addition to our range of automated bottling machinery, we offer semi-automated and manual equipment for smaller wineries with lower production volumes. Agrovin clients can select units from our catalogue to form a complete yet compact semi-automated bottling line that enhances bottling process efficiency.

Tanks and walkways

Our product range includes a variety of tanks used for fermentation control, storage, stabilization, cleaning and all of the processes typically involved in wine-making. As complements to our tanks, we also manufacture walkways, stairs and tubing systems, all of which enhance workplace quality in wineries.

Winery accessories

Our detachable and portable oenological stirrers are designed for use with a variety of tank types in stabilization and homogenization processes, among others. Agrovin’s stirrers can be quickly and easily attached to any tank using just a fitting and a ball valve.

We provide a wide range of pumps and accessories for wine and must racking. These include flexible impeller pumps, peristaltic pumps, screw pumps, centrifugal pumps and piston pumps, application of which depends on flow rate, the point in the vinification process at which racking is carried out, and each client’s specific requirements.

Piston pumps:
These traditional self-priming horizontal-piston pumps are used in wine and must racking, as well as in tank and vat filling. They are sturdily built from stainless steel and are equipped with a pulsation damper and a flow reverser.

Flexible impeller pumps:
Our flexible impeller pumps provide a highly versatile, practical and manageable option for many winery processes, including vat filling, racking, bottling, filtering and/or stabilization.

Screw pumps:
These pumps are typically mounted on a cart to facilitate their use in the winery. They are often used in the final stages of vinification to feed the bottling line with the finished product. These slow-turning pumps transfer the product with the utmost care, thereby minimizing alterations to its characteristics.

Screw pumps are also often employed prior to bottling, as the pressure levels they generate are well suited to wine micro-filtration. They can also be used to fill and empty barrels.

Peristaltic pumps:
Like screw pumps, these are usually mounted on a cart to facilitate their use in the winery. They operate at low revolutions, thereby avoiding harmful friction and turbulence in the pumped product. They can be used as both racking pumps and, when attached to a hopper fed by a screw conveyor, as pulp pumps. They are also ideal for filling and emptying barrels.

These wheeled, portable, stand-alone machines are used to wash tanks, floors and machinery, as well as for other general cleaning tasks. They are also an ideal barrel-washing accessory and can be used with manual barrel washers and automated barrel-washing systems. Agrovin provides both hot- and cold-water hydrocleaners.

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