At AGROVIN, we want to celebrate the beauty of oenology and the processes that transform must into wine.

That’s why every year, since 2014, we’ve been organising a photography competition. Since 2015, we’ve been collaborating with non-profit organisations to contribute to social projects that encourage solidarity, progress, and people’s well-being.

Oenology in a Photograph lets us represent the charms of the world of wine through the images captured by the participants, and shout about our passion for Oenology from the rooftops.


The competition is open to any one of over 18 years old, of any nationality, with the exception of AGROVIN employees or their first-degree relatives.


Applications and submissions will open on the 9th of July and will close on the 17th of November 2019 at 8 pm (UTC+1). Any photographs not received within this time period will not be eligible for the prize.


As the aim of the competition is to take a photograph of something related to oenology (vineyards, cellars, winemaking, wine, etc), entries should fit with the theme, “Oenology in a Photograph”.


Each participant can submit one (1) photograph, using any technique. Only photographs in a digital format can be submitted. The shorter side of each of the images should be a minimum of 2,400 pixels, and the archives will be high-quality JPEG. The maximum size of each image will be 10 MB. Photographs cannot have margins, frames or borders. Each photograph should include a title (of the photographer’s choice) and the photographer’s name. The photographs should be original and should not have won prizes in other competitions. Photographs taken by anyone who is not the photographer or that are not their property will not be accepted.



a- Participation in the competition implies the acceptance of all rules.

b- The participant declares and guarantees to AGROVIN that they are the sole owner of all of the rights to the photograph that they are submitting. They guarantee that there are no third-party rights to the photographs submitted and take responsibility should any third parties make claims to rights to the image.

c- Any issues regarding participation in this competition or its rules will be resolved by AGROVIN, and the decision will be final.

d- No files that contravene people’s rights to honour, personal or familial privacy, or their own image will be published or accepted. No files that violate current legislation will be accepted.

e- The creators of the successful photographs cede all usage rights to AGROVIN.

f- AGROVIN reserves the right to spread, reproduce, publish and publicly communicate the winning photographs, as well as use them in supporting materials such as exhibitions, on their website, social media, leaflets, catalogues, calendars, etc.

g- AGROVIN produces an annual calendar that is distributed to clients. It will include the winning photograph (first prize).

h- AGROVIN assumes that the photographer has the authorisation and/or permission of the people that appear in the photographs, the responsibility for anything related to the right to privacy and protection of personal information falling to them.



The following prizes will be awarded:

  1. FIRST PRIZE: €800
  2. SECOND PRIZE: €400
  3. THIRD PRIZE: €200

The first and second prize will be awarded by a jury (see point 8). The third prize will be awarded to the photograph that gets the most public votes (see point 8.c)



Having signed up, participants will submit their photographs through AGROVIN’s website,

Only one photograph per participant is permitted. It’s vital that the file name includes the creator’s name and the title of the photograph.

Format of the file name:

Name Surname – “Name of the photograph”.jpg

Any photograph that doesn’t meet these requirements will not be included in the competition.

It is essential to fill in the relevant form


  1. JURY

a- AGROVIN has named a jury of experts in the world of photography, made up of:

Belén Muguiro Domínguez

Freelance photographer, trained at the Andrés Bello University in Santiago de Chile, Chile.

José Quintanilla

Photographer, trained in Art Direction at the CEV de Madrid, Spain.

b- Once the competition has closed, AGROVIN’s jury will analyse each of the images received and make their selection before displaying them in a gallery on the website. Only the photos selected by AGROVIN’s jury as finalists will be eligible for the prizes.

c- From the photographs selected, the jury will award the first and second prize to the two photographs they think best. Once the winners have been published, AGROVIN will open a popular voting system on its website for the selection of third place.

d- Anyone who wants to take part in the vote will need to sign up.

e- Participants in the competition can’t vote for their own photograph.

f- Voters will only be able to choose from the selection made and published by AGROVIN’s jury once the two first prizes have been awarded.

g- The photograph with the most public votes will win the third prize.



The winners of the first and second prize will be made public on the 22nd of November through AGROVIN’s website,, and its social media channels. The winner will be informed beforehand. The popular vote to decide on the third prize will open on the same day, and people will be able to for their choice of the selected photographs until the 1st of December.


The decision will be final. If AGROVIN’s jury deems it appropriate, some of the prizes may not be awarded.


1- Only one photograph per participant will be admitted and the file must bear the name of the author and the title of the photograph.

2- Any registration form that is received incomplete will be automatically rejected and the photograph of its sender will not participate in the competition, without prior communication from AGROVIN.

3- If you have any problem sending the form, please send the same information requested to the following email: