14 Aug 2019

Improving the colloidal structure of wine: new bioactive tools of interest OBJECTIVE: This research project pursues the development and characterization of new bioactive tools (evolved yeasts and new polymeric formulations), resulting in an improvement of the colloidal structure of the wine and its profile Sensory. It includes laboratory-scale and industrial-scale validation of tools that are […]

13 Aug 2019

Incorporation of laboratory assets in the auxiliary display industry OBJECTIVE: The present Technological Innovation project aims to expand the company’s current portfolio with the development of new strains of lactic bacteria. This requires the acquisition of new assets: a 100-liter fermenter and a specific conservation chamber. The latter are essential and inseparable since new products […]

02 Apr 2018
Imagen ULTRASTER18: Influencia de los ultrasonidos en las reacciones de esterificación durante la elaboración de vinos

Influence of ultrasound on esterification reactions during winemaking OBJECTIVE: The objective of the project is to evaluate the possible changes in the phenolic composition of wines treated with ultrasounds and their sensory characteristics, thus determining the increase in the organoleptic complexity of the resulting wines. With the present initiative the result will be the demonstration […]

04 Oct 2016

Application of high power ultrasound in the production of virgin olive oils OBJECTIVE: The aim of the project is to use high power ultrasound technology to improve the extraction of the compounds that are characteristic of virgin olive oil, differentiating the product from the rest of the oils on the market. CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Innova […]

03 Oct 2016

Study of elimination of pesticides in white musts using ionic resins. OBJECTIVE:The objective of the project is to find oenological uses for ion exchange resins to remove pesticide residues from must, which are interesting, economically viable and practical. This initiative will contribute to the knowledge necessary so that this type of resin can be widely […]

01 Jul 2016

Factors that influence the quality of the brandy and new systems for producing it, from the vineyard to the bottle OBJECTIVE: The BESTBRANDY consortium project aims to undertake an integral I++D project 2016-2018 for the improvement of products and processes in vineyards, winemaking, distillation, ageing and bottling of brandy, in order to improve the competitiveness of […]

01 Jan 2016

Nitrogenous nutrition and its influence on the release of varietal aromas from yeasts OBJECTIVE: To meet this objective AGROVIN intends to isolate specific yeasts which, due to their own characteristics, are able to increase the release of aromas in the process of making white wines. In addition, due to previous studies on the effect of nitrogenous […]

15 Jul 2015

Project to develop a plan for innovation in PRODUCTOS AGROVIN S.A OBJECTIVE: With this project, PRODUCTOS AGROVIN aims to begin a joint action plan that will allow them to optimize their innovation management system, designing a methodology that allows them to apply their own innovation plan annually. This measure has been taken with the aim of […]