Spirit CANDY


Maximum respect to the varietal character with a fusion of vanilla and caramel. An innovative format in oak alternatives, the pellet, is presented to help in the elaboration process. Spirit Candy, due to its structure, porosity and permeability, produces a rapid transfer of aromatic compounds at a reduced dose compared to current formats. Spirit Candy has a high concentration of vanillin and cis-whiskylactone, which makes the profile of the wine very clearly defined.




  • Greater contact surface, higher rate of transfer of compounds.
  • Integrity in contact with the wine, no dust is released.
  • Raw material of the same quality as staves and chips.
  • Homogenous roasting, roasting is done after the pellet is made.
  • Does not contain artificial binders.
  • Easy application, with mesh or add it directly to wine.

Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet