Chips and dominoes made of Iberian oak (Quercus pyrenaica). Their fine grain, high porosity, permeability and chemical composition make them ideal for use in wine-making.

They enhance the wine’s organoleptic properties by transferring interesting compounds in the aroma and flavour phase.

Untoasted oak is characterized by high concentrations of ellagitannin, a well-regarded natural antioxidant. Toasting produces volatile compounds widely valued in winemaking. The use of Spirit NATURE, Spirit STRUCTURE and Spirit ELEGANCE made from Quercus pyrenaica prunings, contributes to sustainable management of the Iberian peninsula’s oak forests.


With an intense and elegant toasting, Iberian oak maximizes the wine’s organoleptic complexity. It creates sought-after volatile compounds, such as pyranones (caramel), 4-methylguiacol (coffee and smoke) and phenolic compounds that give the wine a pleasing liquorice aroma. They also increase the wine’s spice profile and create a more balanced mouthfeel.

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