Chips and dominoes made of American oak (Quercus alba). Their high density, low porosity and permeability make them ideal for use in winemaking.

American oak contains higher concentrations of volatile compounds and derivatives of thermal degradation of lignin, but lower concentrations of ellagitannins. It enhances the wine’s organoleptic properties by transferring characteristic compounds such as cis-whisky-lactone (vanilla).

Applying it to wine:

• Minimizes modification of the wine’s tannin profile due to its low ellagitannin content. Has less impact on structured mouthfeel than European oaks.

• Has a significant short-term organoleptic impact due to its high volatile compound content.

• This oak rapidly transfers its characteristic aromas to the wine, making it suitable for short-duration treatments.


Medium-toasted having a high polyphenol and phenolic aldehyde content derived from thermal degradation of the lignin, which is responsible for the spice aromas. Their highly regarded cis- and trans-whisky-lactones add an intense vanilla aroma to the wine.

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