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SO2 is an indispensable tool in winemaking and wine preservation. A correct use of SO2 results in less oxidized wines, with better color and aroma, and lower volatile acidity.

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Some of its effects are the following:

  • Antioxidant: it possesses reducing properties, capturing oxygen and preventing oxidation.
  • Antioxidase: Destroys oxidases, preventing cracks.
  • Antimicrobial: It exerts an inhibitory activity on yeasts, lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria.
  • It is also known as sulfur dioxide or sulfur(IV) oxide.


On must or wine.


  • At harvest 3 – 8 g/hl
  • Sulphited or sulfur must 150 – 200 g/hl

The total sulfur dioxide content may not exceed 150 mg/l for red wines and 200 mg/l for white and rosé wines. If the amount of residual sugar (expressed as glucose+fructose) is equal to or greater than 5 g/l, the permitted values are 200 mg/l for red wines and 250 mg/l for white and rosé wines.

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