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Enovin CROM is a liquid enzymatic preparation specifically designed for the maceration of red grapes, allowing greater extraction of phenolic compounds, greater aromatic intensity, as well as increased pressing yield.

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Allows for shorter macerations, which are desirable in vintages with rot or when the fermentation tank is to be reused quickly.

Enables the compaction of lees and the performance of desludging or clarification.


  • Enovin CROM is the enzyme indicated for the maceration of red grape varieties, increasing the extraction of polyphenolic and aromatic material from the grape harvest.
  • It can be applied on the fermentation tank during vatting, or directly on the grapes before or after crushing.
  • The addition of the enzyme allows for rapid self-clarification and improved filtration.


Maceration in red wine: > 2 ml/100 kg

Pressing: > 4 ml/100 kg

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