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Compakcel is a filtration coadjuvant to be used in the precoating process, before the beginning of the filtration, improving the formation of the filtration.

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  • Increased filtration efficiency.
  • Improves precoat stability during filtration and filtrate weight performance.
  • Fast wetting reducing the precoat formation time.
  • Homogeneous distribution of the precoat over the entire filtering surface.
  • High adsorbent power of moisture and colloids in suspension, thanks to the high specific surface of the product and its special surface chemistry.
  • Resistance to pressure shocks, especially in vertical plate filters. -Easy separation of the precoat at the end of filtration, even in automatic discharge filters.


Some of Compakcel’s applications are:

  • Moisture and solids removal in edible oils.
  • Moisture and solids removal in industrial oils.
  • Filtration of juices and concentrates.
  • Removal of fats in aqueous liquids.
  • Roughing filtration in food liquids in general.
  • Filtration assistant in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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