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PVVIN is a clarifier called polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP) capable of selectively eliminating phenolic compounds that cause browning of musts and wines. It does not modify the organoleptic profile of the wine, although wines treated with PVVIN intensify the freshness of the wine as the oxidized notes disappear.

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PVVIN acts against catechins and leucoanthocyanins preventing the wine from evolving towards oxidized tones and decreasing the combined sulfur fraction.


In musts and white and rosé wines, PVVIN eliminates the compounds responsible for oxidation, improving the organoleptic characteristics of the treated wines.

In wines that have already undergone oxidation processes, PVVIN is able to reduce the darkening produced by oxidation reactions.


Preventive treatment: 10-30 g/hl

Curative treatment: 30-50 g/hl

White and rosé wine

With light oxidation: 15-30 g/hl

With strong oxidation: 30-50 g/hl

Red wine: 10-50 g/hl

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