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Enozym LUX is an easy to apply liquid preparation highly concentrated in pectin lyase (PL) which, at very low doses, provides clear and high yielding musts. It achieves greater intensity and stability of aromas.

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Pectin lyase (PL) facilitates desludging and accelerates the fall of solids. The clarification yield is increased. Ripe grapes are abundant in PME (Pectinmethyl esterase) and PG (Polygalacturonase) but do not contain PL. By incorporating this enzymatic activity, faster clarification processes are achieved.


  • Static desludging: allows fast and efficient desludging and achieves high compaction of the solid fraction at the bottom of the tank.
  • Prefermentative skin maceration. It allows the maceration of the white grapes before pressing. Greater extraction of the film content, and therefore greater extraction of aromatic precursors.

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