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Actimax GSH is an organic nutrient for alcoholic fermentation with a high glutathione content to preserve the freshness and aromatic qualities of white and rosé wines.

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Actimax GSH has antioxidant capacity, protecting color and varietal aromas (especially those of the thiol type) in white and rosé wines. It allows maximum aromatic expression of the grape, prolonging its freshness and slowing down its color evolution in the bottle.

Glutathione, a common constituent of yeast, is indispensable for cell proliferation. Therefore, alcoholic fermentations reinforced with glutathione benefit doubly, since this compound helps cell growth, as well as protecting the wine against early oxidation.

This preparation is particularly suitable for varieties rich in volatile thiols (Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc), white musts that are heavily racked or sensitive to oxidation.

Excellent response in wines with special nutritional stress or in situations of environmental stress by the yeast such as low fermentation temperatures, potentially high alcohol content, highly clarified musts, musts with fungicide or phytosanitary residues.


Nutrient of excellent natural reducing power. Maintains the aromatic qualities of white and rosé wines, protecting them from oxidation.

  • At the beginning or early stages of alcoholic fermentation, to balance the organic nitrogen content of the must.


Normal fermentation conditions: 10-20 g/hl

Difficult conditions: 20-30 g/hl

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