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Safechrome provides excellent colorant stabilizing power.


Polyphenolic extract of red grape skin E163. (Vitis vinifera)

Allergen: Contains sulfites.


  1. Make a 1/10 dilution of the product.
  2. Add to the total volume and homogenize well.

Work precautions:

  • The temperature of the product to be treated should be >14o C.
  • If the dose to be added is higher than 1 g/L, it is recommended to first add a maximum of 0.8-1 g/L, homogenize well and wait 5 – 6 days. After these days, the rest of the dose is added, never exceeding 1 g/L per application.


0.5-4 g/l
Caution: Laboratory tests are recommended to determine the optimum dose for use.

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