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It is used in winemaking and its excellent antioxidant capacity makes it very useful for grape protection, especially in harvests of poor sanitary quality. In finished wine Vinitanon attenuates oxidation and/or acetaldehyde aromas.

Wine style



In must or grapes:

  • In winemaking to reduce the amount of metabisulfite.
  • On grapes with poor sanitary conditions.
  • In short macerations of red vinifications, especially in case of lack of polyphenols.

In wines:

  • Clarifying agent, favoring the precipitation of proteins in solution.
  • Antiseptic effect.
  • Antioxidant effect that helps to protect the color and bouquet of the wine.
  • Eliminates excess oxidation aromas in wines.
  • High complexing power with Fe(III) and Cu(II).
  • To avoid the risk of over-sizing, together with certain protein clarifiers such as gelatines.


Vinitanon gives the wine the following characteristics:

  • Reduces the oxidized aromatic notes of certain wines with an acetaldehyde concentration above the perception threshold.
  • Accentuates the sensation of body and structure in the mouth.

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