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Viniferm DIANA is a yeast with moderate production of fermentative aromas, selected to produce high quality varietal white wines.

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It confers volume and structure, with the capacity to rapidly release polysaccharides when used for aging on lees.


  • Especially suitable for the production of high quality varietal white wines (Verdejo, Sauvignon, Albariño…).
  • White wines fermented in barrel and/or aged on lees.
  • Prefermentative maceration and very clarified musts.
  • Production of white wines under reductive conditions.
  • Release of volatile thiols (β-lyase activity), key compounds in the aroma of rosé wines present in Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Monastrel, providing notes of cassis.


  • Vinification 20-30 g/hl

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