Project to develop a product innovation plan AGROVIN S.A.

OBJECTIVE: With this project, PRODUCTOS AGROVIN intends to initiate a set of actions that will allow it to optimise its innovation management system, designing a methodology that will allow it to apply its own innovation plan on an annual basis. This measure ultimately aims to promote Innovation Processes (R&D&I) within the to improve its positioning and competitiveness. These objectives will be achieved by promoting the development of R&D&I activities within the framework of a culture that fosters business innovation. In the development of this project, an Innovation Committee and/or an R&D&I Unit or Department will be implemented with the expert help of the company ARTICA Ingeniera e Innovación S.L., an expert in R&D&I consultancy.

CALL: Innovation business support programme. CASTILLA LA MANCHA REGIONAL GOVERNMENT.

TITLE OF THE PROJECT: Project to develop a product innovation plan AGROVIN S.A.

Start date: 15/7/2015

End date: 30/4/2016

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