Influence of ultrasound on esterification reactions during winemaking

Use of resins for the elimination of sulfites in sulphited white musts

Application of high power ultrasound in the production of virgin olive oils.

Study of elimination of pesticides in white musts using ionic resins.

Factors that influence the quality of the brandy and new systems for producing it, from the vineyard to the bottle.

Nitrogenous nutrition and its influence on the release of varietal aromas from yeasts.

Project to develop a plan for innovation in PRODUCTOS AGROVIN S.A

Application of ionic exchange for the control of colour in white musts

Eco-innovative maceration system based on lfhp ultrasound technology for winemaking.

Treatment strategies for harvest and fermentation for the production of quality wines, offsetting the imbalances of composition caused by global warming.

Study of enzyme activity and of antioxidant elements of biological origin for strengthening of white and rosé wines.

Development of a plan for the production high-quality wines free from sulphur dioxide.

Viticultural and oenological strategies and methods to combat climate change. Application of new technologies that improve the efficiency of the resulting processes.

Optimization of the use of yeast and bacteria of oenological interest