A different way of managing gas in winemaking



After years of research, AGROVIN has developed Oxi_Out: revolutionary equipment designed to selectively remove low molecular weight gases (oxygen, nitrogen or carbon dioxide) by utilizing molecular sieves. Up to 97% of dissolved oxygen can be extracted depending on the mode of operation and work flow.Oxi_Out is a computer-controlled solution working within an intuitive programming environment.

The Oxi_Out System includes a digital measurement, display, and control system for multiple variables important to managing oxygen levels (dissolved oxygen, dissolved carbon dioxide, temperature, pressure, flow, etc.). Every process within the Oxi_Out programming software is algorithmically optimized via Sada’s automation software. The equipment can be remote controlled over an Ethernet network and allow for all variable data to be recorded and saved for later processing, statistic analysis, and traceability.

Data Sheet

Oxi_Out Brochure