PERSEO: Ultrasound in winemaking

After years of research, AGROVIN has developed the PERSEO System: a technique to achieve fast extraction of a grape’s polyphenolic and aromatic potential, while respecting the quality of the raw material.

The Perseo System utilizes ultrasound technology, spurring Cavitation, which is caused by the micro-bubbles generated or present in the interior of the cells. Once cavitation occurs, polyphenolic and aromatic compounds can be extracted quickly, efficiently, and respectfully.

The Perseo System is built exclusively from 316 grade stainless steel and includes reliable 50kW of power, with different power quantities available depending on the quantity of raw material being treated. Each Perseo System includes 8 cavitation cells for the extraction process to occur. All processes of the Perseo System are controlled by a management and control system to help visualize and set variables within the extraction process.

Advantages of the Perseo System

This innovative technology revolutionizes the wine production process and has significant advantages over existing techniques, including:

  • Obtaining maximum polyphenolic potential in less time.
  • Creating more aromatic wines.
  • Producing an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly extraction technique.
  • Eliminating the extraction and/or formation of undesirable compounds.
  • Avoiding the extraction of green tannin in harvests of low maturity, with a brief maceration of seeds.
  • Removing temperature increases.
  • Expediting installation procedures.
European Innovation

The Perseo System was honored by the European Commission in 2015: ‘Eco-Innovative Maceration System Based on LFHP Ultrasound Technology for Winemaking’ (ULTRAWINE, GRANT AGREEMENT number 672309) with the Horizon 2020 Program through the PYME mechanism.

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PERSEO Brochure