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After years of research, AGROVIN has developed the ULISES System: an innovative process to convert any traditional tank into an automatic vinificator. Temperature, density, electrochemical potential, and pumping over are all monitored and controlled to remain aware of the immediate values, as well as how those values evolve overtime.

With the Ulises system, a winemaker can effectively and efficiently monitor fermentation’s development, while intelligently managing multiple tanks from a central control point.

The Ulises system is made up of the following independent and synergistic components:

  1. Pumping Over System: through the injection of pressurized air or inert gas.
  2. Temperature Probes: allow the tank’s cooling system to work optimally.
  3. Density Probes: indicate the fermentation process stage.
  4. Electrochemical Potential Probes (Redox Potential): indicates when an injection of oxygen is necessary or excessive, allowing the prediction of whether the must/wine is at risk of oxidation or reduction.
  5. DosiOx System (Dosage of Oxygen): works in synergy with the Potential Redox system, allowing for precise oxygen dosages through macro and micro-oxygenation techniques.
  6. Level Sensors: utilizes ultrasonic and laser technology to assess the contents of the winery in real time.

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ULISES Brochure